Rose Room

The Rose Room (formerly the Parson’s Nose) is located within the grounds of Cockington Green Gardens and includes our coffee shop/kiosk, a retail area as well as both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The coffee shop/kiosk serves light snacks including scones, jam and cream, a range of coffees and teas, cold drinks and ice-creams.  It is also a licensed facility.  There is limited seating inside the Rose Room although seating is available in an adjacent marquee or in the outdoor gardens areas surrounding the Rose Room for those wishing to eat or just enjoy a coffee or other light refreshment.

The most recent addition to the exhibitions displayed in the Rose Room is a privately-owned collection of Royal Winton China which is on permanent loan from Doug and Brenda Sarah.  Royal Winton China dates back to 1885 and the china on display in the Rose Room comes from different eras.  This exhibition is still being added to as well as expanding on exhibit information.

Another major exhibit is a 34 room Georgian-style dolls house known as ‘Waverley’.   Waverley was faithfully reproduced in the high Victorian grand manner by miniature enthusiast, Susan Hagarty.

Complementing Waverley, is also a dolls house called ‘Misrule’.   Misrule is a replica of the house depicted in the famous novel the ‘Seven Little Australians’.  Donated to the Children’s Medical Research Unit the replica house in now on permanent display at Cockington Green Gardens.

The famous ‘Chester Shops’ is also featured amongst the many varied and changing exhibits of the Rose Room. You can see such things as a miniature bottle display, and a private collection of dolls from around the world in traditional dress.  There are numerous hand made creations, which include miniature furniture and accessories, feather quills, a tiny town with shops, timber model replicas and so much more.


Wildlife artworks also adorn the walls of the Rose Room. These beautiful works have been painted by award winning artist Angela Comben and are available for sale.

A wonderful selection of original works from local artists of AIM (Art in Miniature) showcase in miniature a variety of styles and subjects, in this popular smaller form.