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Cockington Green - September 30, 2019

The Rose Room display includes an international doll collection, donated by Margaret Herezeg of Canberra. The collection is complemented by two remarkable dolls’ houses.

The larger is a thirty-two roomed Victorian mansion doll house ‘Waverly’. The other is ‘Misrule’ doll house which is associated with the story of The Seven Little Australian’s written by Ethel Turner. Phillipa Poole, granddaughter of Ethel Turner, had the dolls’ house built to raise funds for the Children Medical Research Institution.

The beautiful Rose Room Exhibit includes a gift shop which offers you the opportunity to start a variety of collections of your own!

The Rose Room gift shop retails a wide range of miniature furniture accessories for the dolls house enthusiast or maybe you would prefer to add model cars to your collection. There is a variety of novelty items, gifts, toys, dolls and more. Here is the chance the purchase your own miniature from the Rose Room Gift Shop!

Hours of operation for the Rose Room Gift Shop are 9.30am until 4.45pm daily.

See exhibits for more information about the Rose Room display.