Train Reinstatement Project

The track upgrade occurring ahead of the reinstatement of our train operations including the arrival of our new locomotive later this year is now well advanced.

Mark, Pat and the team have been working constantly on the upgrade to meet the requirements of the new locomotive which has a different configuration to our existing locomotive, Mighty Mike. The upgrade will ensure that both locomotives are able to operate safely and that we don’t need to halt the operations once more when the new locomotive arrives.

The picture above provides a snapshot of the new treatment of the track as it leaves the existing station area. The cutting area near where the train returns to the station will be subject of significant works over the next couple of months to provide more visual appeal and highlight the display of existing range of colourful characters located in that area

Other works associated with the track upgrade includes new railings between the bridges in the international area, all new sleepers around the entirety of the track and refreshed ballasting and gravel treatment along the track.

In further news regarding the new locomotive, the manufacturer has advised that many of the parts are now ready to begin early assembly of the locomotive. The parts have been meticulously machined over the past six months and it is hoped that we can shortly bring you some new photographs on this page of the locomotive being assembled.

We regret the ongoing inconvenience but the lengthy hiatus in operations will provide for greater comfort and enjoyment in the future and importantly ensure that all safety precautions are taken in meeting Australian Standards.