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Cockington Green Gardens – Coronavirus COVID19 Impact Update

Cockington Green - March 16, 2020

Currently, Cockington Green Gardens remains open and will continue to operate although our decision-making will continue to be informed by both government and health authority advice.

As a predominantly outdoor display with crowds not presently exceeding the recommended 500 maximum for public gatherings as advised by the Commonwealth Government, we believe it is safe to continue to operate provided visitors maintain recommended social distancing protocols and exercise good hygiene and other non-contact strategies as advised by health authorities.

We believe that it is extremely important for people to still be able to get outdoors, get some sunshine, enjoy some entertainment and refresh in what are very trying times for everyone.  Our business has suffered dramatically as a result of the fires, the smoke, the storms and now coronavirus.   We are looking to do all we can to keep our business going and our staff employed as they too are dealing with the fatigue of the past few months.

We look forward to your support over the coming months and hope that you and your families are safe and that we might be able to provide some relief from the pressures of these unprecedented times.