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Consumer Warning

Cockington Green - April 19, 2022

Unfortunately, there has been a recent rise in cases of supposed ticket retailers selling tickets online to Cockington Green Gardens with absolutely no contractual arrangements in place to do so. Over many years in the industry we have been very selective about who we deal with to ensure that consumers can rely on their ticket purchases to visit Cockington Green Gardens.

There have been instances of sites that may look legitimate but are actually scamming consumers. We would urge all potential visitors to make sure that sites they are purchasing tickets online from are legitimate. If you are in any doubt, we would encourage you to purchase your tickets online directly from our website or to call us on 02 6230 2273 to ensure that we will accept tickets purchased elsewhere.

This is a regrettable situation in an environment where others are constantly preying on unsuspecting consumers. We certainly wish we did not need to post this type of news however we want to avoid disappointing visitors when they arrive at Cockington Green Gardens with tickets that cannot be honoured.