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Experience Oz – Top 10 Things to do in Canberra

Cockington Green - August 30, 2018

One of the more unique and charming attractions that Canberra has to offer, Cockington Green Gardens is a lovingly-crafted, miniature recreation of what started as only an English village yet which has expanded to feature an entire international themed area.

The level of detail and care put into the creation of this miniature village is incredible and easy to appreciate; if it wasn’t for the small scale it would be hard to discern the difference between some of the models and the real thing!

Attention to detail is the name of the game at Cockington Green, as there’s plenty of little, easy-to-miss things going on outside of the more obvious main exhibits; characters planning secret meetings behind buildings, domestic disputes, animals running amok and more are all awaiting for the eagle eye to discover – all of which are done with a subtle sense of humour.

The level of detail and care put into the creation of this miniature village is incredible and easy to appreciate.

It’s a truly delightful spot to visit for those who are bringing the kids along, perhaps at its best during sunny days but retaining an aura of magic during drizzle; the facility even provides free umbrellas for guests to use should they happen to have their visit occur during rainy weather.

The exhibits at Cockington Green are far from static, as well – there’s plenty of motion and activity going on here, with the likes of windmills, miniature trains, gardens that light up and even a ridable steam train that can take you on an enchanting little ride through the gardens and various displays.

Each of the sections – the facility is divided into the two main “Original” and “International” displays – offer their own highlights, with mini-Stonehenge and the mini-game of cricket being a favourite of the Original area, while the castles of the International area are simply incredible in their construction and faithfulness to the real thing.

The gardens of Cockington Green themselves also deserve a worthy tip of the cap, as they are immaculately groomed and maintained and feature postcard-perfect grass along with an array of dazzling floral displays and smaller shrubs which emulate the likeness of full-sized trees with their layout alongside the exhibits.

An enchanting experience for young and old, Cockington Green simply oozes charm and should be on any Canberra itinerary.

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