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Cockington Green - May 28, 2024

The Cockington Green Gardens family has lost a dear friend this week.  Gordon Duff, who was alongside Doug and Brenda Sarah all the way through the commencement of the attraction, sadly passed away on Monday, May 27.

Gordon was the family legal adviser for many years and was heavily involved with Doug and Brenda’s negotiations to secure the land, which ultimately became home to Cockington Green Gardens.

More than just a legal adviser, Gordon was a beacon of wisdom and a source of laughter. His wit and humour often diffused tensions, endearing him not only to the family but also to the staff. His passing leaves a void that can never be filled.

Gordon was interviewed to tell part of the story of Cockington Green Gardens in celebration of the attraction’s 40th birthday in 2019.  The following is a small extract from that piece to which Gordon contributed so much:

One of the best starting points in the telling of the Cockington Green story is also one of the most colourful voices of the past.

Gordon Duff, or GD as he is referred to by all and sundry, is undoubtedly one of the greatest of friends of the Cockington Green family.  Old school, earthy, matter-of-fact and entertaining in spades is a good starting point to describe GD.   His background was in the legal profession, and he knew his way around the property transaction world of Canberra’s unique leasehold system.

“One of my roles in supporting Doug was to calm him down by saying to him that you have to remember that many of these people lacked the experience in dealing with a proposal like yours.   Even the Minister questioned me on the project and wondered if there was anything else like it in Australia to which I responded that the ACT was lucky because this couple have decided to do it here in the ACT,” reminisced GD with cheeky twinkle in his still sharp eyes.

Gordon’s story about his involvement with Cockington Green Gardens, ‘From no to go – finding a home for Cockington Green’, can be read in full when clicking on the Celebrating 40 Years link under the Visit Us menu of the website.

Gordon’s often sage advice will always be part of the fabric that is Cockington Green Gardens.  He may no longer be with us to remind us, but his messages will always remain with us.

So long, dear friend.