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Getting Ready for Reopening

Cockington Green - September 8, 2021

Nearly four weeks into lockdown in the ACT, and with some recent allowances for a small team to undertake landscaping activities, we are very much focussed on getting ready for reopening. Of course, that reopening is out of our hands but with such an expansive garden, it is necessary to undertake a lot of preparation and maintenance to ensure the attraction is ready for visitors once we recommence operations.

In amongst quite a lot rainfall, we have had a couple of periods of lovely weather and the great pity is that at the height of springtime, we are unable let people see the gardens coming into bloom. Notwithstanding, we remain hopeful that lockdown will soon end and the joy and colour of springtime can be seen and felt by lots of people. The accompanying photograph is of one of the garden beds just coming into full colour and it won’t be long that the trees will be fully leaved adding extra vibrancy to the display.

Roland, Mark, Ben and the outdoor team will get some additional snaps of the gardens which we will look to keep posting so that our many loyal passholders and regular visitors can see some of the progress we are making in the maintenance and upkeep of the display.

We know that this is a difficult time for so many as it is for us in trying to keep the attraction in shape and viable. We certainly are thinking of everyone in the community and trust that you are staying safe and supporting everyone working so hard to bring back some normality after what has been a very trying 18 months or so.

We look forward so much to making a post on the website soon that tells everyone that we are open and hopefully help bring lots of colour, warmth and happiness to our visitors.