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Grounds Improvements Commence

Cockington Green - March 17, 2022

Temporary fencing along the western edge of the attraction has been replaced with a new fencing which is the beginning of a total reuse and landscaping of the 100 metre stretch at the bottom of the attraction. Prior to the arrival of COVID, the project to renew this entire area commenced with the removal of more than 50 conifer trees which were in decline after more than 40 years of providing a backdrop for the display.

The removal of the trees, which was necessitated by age and disease, has provided us with a substantial opportunity to refresh this large area which is around 600-700 square metres. Whilst plans are still being finalised for the gardens and pathways along this part of the attraction, it will involve providing a more interesting series of gardens and pathways in addition to incorporating models which will likely include examples of Australian housing and architectural styles from different periods.

Returning visitors will also note the removal of the pergolas along our heritage rose walk. This is to enable to the next stage of the major tree removal project which will see all of the trees on the northern border along the Gold Creek Golf Course removed. Similar to the trees removed on the western edge of the attraction, these trees are in serious decline and provide a significant opportunity for new landscaping and model displays in the longer term.

A couple of years after being completed, and spending time on temporary display, the latest addition to our International Area is being prepared for permanent display. The architecturally significant and interesting Bangladesh parliament building is expected to take its place in the next few weeks as landscaping and site preparation is nearing completion.

We are now looking forward to a period of stability after more than two years of COVID-related disruption. The disruption has severely delayed our major works placing considerable pressure on progress through a number of factors including staff availability.

We thank everyone for their patience and support as we continue to undertake new works to add to the visitor experience.