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Hobbit Tree

Cockington Green - August 13, 2018

A new technique for Cockington Green Gardens is being trialled on our Jacqueline Hillier Elm this year.
This Bonsai style is called “Hollow Trunk” (Uro style) sometimes known as Hobbit Trees. The hollowed-out area is called a Sabamiki. This is the first “Bonsai” technique that Cockington Green has used in the display. We expect this process to take several years of careful pruning and tending before we can see the final results.
This week the exposed wood that was created after the carving out process was done has been treated with a solution of lime sulphur and India ink. The lime sulphur is a preservative and prevents wood rot. The ink tints the lime sulphur turning it from a chalky white to a dark grey when it dry’s.
This is a unique way to add to a garden when the right tree becomes available and provided you have the patience and willingness to take on a new but rewarding project.