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Cockington Green - June 7, 2019

The passion of India and Indians for cricket is revered and this passion is currently heightened with the Cricket World Cup being contested in England. It is a display from India sitting in what was originally a display of buildings and gardens of Great Britain that is creating interest at Cockington Green Gardens, and it’s just not about cricket. 

Lahore Gate at Delhi’s famous Red Fort has been displayed in miniature at Cockington Green Gardens since 2007 and, as expected, has proved to be incredibly popular. Rich in history, this 17th century icon has seen its own share of refurbishment and change over 350 years. After 12 years in the International Display at Cockington Green Gardens, the replica has also undergone some major refurbishment. 
Over the years our model-makers have continued to perfect their skills and experiment with materials to enable stronger, longer-lasting and more resilient displays to withstand the extremes of an often-harsh environment. Roland and Sam have been applying their valuable knowledge and skills to the upgrade of Lahore Gate and we think they have done a great job. 
Just recently, Sydney Weekender’s Sally Stanton called into Cockington Green Gardens and got up close and personal with the Lahore Gate before its return to the display. This display may well feature in an upcoming edition of this incredibly successful and long-running program.