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Multi Pass Holders

Cockington Green - March 2, 2018

If you enjoyed your visit to Cockington Green Gardens, why not become a Multi Pass Holder, bring the family any time of the year as often as you like. For those of you who love the Miniature Steam Train, we give everyone named on the pass a FREE Steam Train ride EVERY visit.
We offer a selection of discounts in all areas of Cockington Green, so you can enjoy leisurely morning / afternoon teas and lazy lunches.
If you have a green thumb and wish to purchase some of our plants for yourself or as a gift we offer a discount here as well.
Bring your guests when they arrive in town and get a 20% discount on Admission Fees, it all helps to make entertaining the family and friends a little more affordable.
There is lots to do in the Gold Creek Precinct, you can easily spend an enjoyable day in this area. The Multi Pass also offers discounts in the Gold Creek Village along with other associated businesses.