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Public Transport to Cockington Green Gardens

Cockington Green - November 27, 2018

In early 2019, to complement the introduction of Light Rail in Canberra, the ACT Government has committed to introducing A New Bus Network for Canberra. 

We appreciate the wonderful support that we receive from so many Canberrans who are either regular visitors to Cockington Green Gardens or who encourage visiting friends and relatives to visit the attraction. Sometimes it is not possible for those visitors to be transported privately to the attraction and public transport has been an option taken up by many guests. 
Under current proposals, the changes under A New Bus Network for Canberra will impact on the capacity of visitors to access Cockington Green Gardens and the Gold Creek Village precinct. The following is a brief summary of existing services versus the proposed new services. 
Existing Services:

 Route(s) Depart From  Destination  Approx. Travel Time   Comments
 51/251  Belconnen Bus Station  Gold Creek Village  14 minutes  Weekday Services
 52/252  Belconnen Bus Station  Gold Creek Village  20 minutes  Weekday Services
 951  Belconnen Bus Station  Gold Creek Village  17 minutes  Weekend/Pub Holiday Services
 952  Belconnen Bus Station  Gold Creek Village  21 minutes  Weekend/Pub Holiday Services

Proposed New Services from City:

 Route(s)  Depart From  Destination  Approx. Travel Time    Comments 
 R1  City Light rail Terminal  Gungahlin Place  Unknown  Light Rail
 23/24  Gungahlin Place  Gold Creek Village  Unknown             Local Bus Service         

Proposed New Service from City via Belconnen:

 Route(s)  Depart From  Destination  Approx. Travel Time Comments 
 R2/R3  City Bus Interchange     
Belconnen Bus 
 R8  Belconnen Bus Station  Gungahlin Place  Unknown  
 23/24  Gungahlin Place  Gold Creek Village   Unknown   

Currently we encourage visitors using public transport to travel to Belconnen Bus Station (Cohen Street) from the City as the travel time is substantially less given the current direct access to Gold Creek Village from Belconnen. Direct services from Belconnen Bus Station to Gold Creek Village will no longer exist under proposed new arrangement. As above, under the new arrangements, travel times are unknown for the new network. 

We have provided a submission to Transport Canberra with some suggestions to improve services to the area. We will report further on public transport access to Gold Creek Village via our website’s What’s On once more is known about the new network in the coming weeks.