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Steam Train Off the Rails

Cockington Green - February 4, 2019

Just like human beings, annual health check ups and maintenance is an essential component of operating and maintaining the miniature steam-train at Cockington Green Gardens. 

After another busy year, a long, hot summer and an active festive season, it’s time for one of Canberra’s most popular and best-loved rides to undergo its annual maintenance program. The miniature steam-train will be off the rails for one full week commencing from 11th February 2019.
At this stage it is expected the train will be out of commission until Monday 18th February.
This full service will see the train back in peak condition for the year ahead. Unlike past services, this years’ service is being conducted on site rather than having to pack up the train and send it out of town. 
For the statistically inclined, it is calculated that over the course of the last year, the miniature steam-train completed around 11,620 laps of the 206-metre track resulting in around 2,400km travelled. That deserves a rest and a tune-up in anyone’s language. 
For more information on the train’s technical specifications, click: Here