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The Drum on Ayden – Welcome to the Team

Cockington Green - December 18, 2018

Many years ago, Cockington Green Gardens had on its grounds staff the drummer from one of Australia’s best-known and successful bands. Who knows, maybe a second one is on the way.

Ayden Halbauer has joined the team at Cockington Green Gardens and one of his passions is playing the drums. Clearly a person of many talents, Ayden has recently been running his own gardening business and has been working alongside some of Canberra’s larger and well-known landscaping businesses developing his skills.

It’s great to have Ayden join the team and he brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm with his vibrant personality. Canberra born and bred, Ayden isn’t put off by the extreme weather conditions and the challenges of gardening and landscaping in the city.

True to his love of the outdoors, Ayden very much enjoys the beach and loves mountain bike riding. We welcome Ayden who has already fitted in well to our outdoor team.