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Mandatory use of Check-In CBR App & Ticketing Update

Cockington Green - March 2, 2021

In response to ongoing requirements and changes created by COVID19, it is important that we do everything we can to communicate with our long-term supporters, regular visitors and others planning to visit Cockington Green Gardens.

Firstly, the ACT Government, through ACT Health, has made it mandatory from 6th March 2021 for all visitors to be signed into all venues in the ACT using the Check In CBR app. Information included in the picture above provides information about the Check In CBR app. Simply visit the app store to download Check In CBR.

Secondly, given the amount of open space within the attraction, and changes to restrictions on people allowed to attend indoor and outdoor venues, it is determined that it will no longer be a requirement for visitors to Cockington Green Gardens to book a scheduled visit time. It is noted that should restrictions be increased due to outbreaks of Coronavirus-COVID19, it may be necessary to revert back to scheduled visit times including limiting numbers who can visit the attraction.

Whilst we are removing the booking schedules, we still have a preference for all visitors to book in advance of arriving at Cockington Green Gardens. This will allow us to better monitor and plan for the safety of both visitors and staff.

We have also introduced incentives for visitors who book ahead. On arrival, pre-booked visitors will receive a complimentary souvenir booklet which includes historical information about Cockington Green Gardens, plus pre-booked visitors will be provided with discount vouchers for souvenir purchases and food and beverage items. Pre-booked visitors will also have priority access to rides on our very popular miniature steam-train which does have limited capacity due to social distancing requirements.