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Train Ride Update

Cockington Green - January 16, 2024

Whilst our beloved miniature steam-train Mighty Mike remains out of service, the good news is that a lot of progress is being made in recommencing the train ride. Despite the inconvenience of the train not operating, our primary attraction features being the miniature buildings, interactive displays and landscaped gardens continue to entertain visitors.

Regarding the miniature steam-train, to meet new Australian standards and obligations under amusement ride regulations to which we are now subject, and to be able to seamlessly introduce our new locomotive into service later this year, we are undertaking major track changes as well as constructing all new carriages which will result in greater passenger enjoyment and comfort.

We are hopeful the new locomotive which was commissioned for construction earlier last year will be completed by September in time for Floriade. Even if the new locomotive is not finished by September, we are aiming to have our track upgrades and new carriages ready to recommence train rides with Mighty Mike by mid-year.

Once the new locomotive (yet to be named) is ready for operations, Mighty Mike will take a well-earned break but will then be alternated to allow servicing for the new loco.  This will overcome past requirements where we had to cease operations for up to two weeks to enable servicing of Mighty Mike.

It is regrettable that we have had to suspend train rides for such a long period of time, however new requirements for our miniature steam-train operations have resulted in far more work than originally anticipated.

Visitors may see Mighty Mike running around the tracks minus carriages over the coming months as we undertake track testing related to the upgrades.  Once the new carriages are completed, more testing of both the train and carriages will occur over a number of weeks as required by the new operating standards.  Unfortunately, we can’t carry passengers whilst that testing occurs.

Again, the delays are certainly not our preference but understandably, to meet the new requirements associated with amusement ride operations, we must comply with regulatory obligations.

In the meantime, we will be posting more updates including pictures of the new locomotive under construction, videos of train testing, and other train works on the website and through our other social media channels.