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Train soon back on track

Cockington Green - February 15, 2022

After almost two weeks off the rails for its scheduled annual maintenance program, our beloved miniature steam-train will soon be back on track.

Whilst originally scheduled to return to service on Monday 21st February 2022, some additional issues were discovered which may delay recommencement of service. It is suggested to call ahead on 02 62302273 to make sure that the train is running.

The maintenance program is critical in ensuring both the safe and reliable operation of the train. To put the train’s annual workload into perspective, the little engine and its carriages would travel the equivalent from Canberra to Perth plus a few hundred kilometres back toward Canberra.

We understand that it has been difficult for visitors and our many loyal passholders who love to venture out during the day to entertain young children but we are confident our much-loved little train will be ready to resume duty within days.

We hope to see everyone very soon.