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Train Update

Cockington Green - October 10, 2023

Mighty Mike, our beloved miniature steam-train, is currently not operating as a result of the unfortunate carriage incident which occurred on 28th September.  Whilst our focus is now on having Mighty Mike running around as quickly as possible again, we currently don’t expect that to be before Christmas although if before, we will provide a further update.

The reason for the longer delay is to undertake additional works that were going to occur in the new year as we await the arrival of a new buddy for Mighty Mike.  A decision was taken earlier this year to acquire a second train to increase the opportunity for visitors to take a miniature steam-train ride as part of their experience at the attraction.  Mighty Mike had capacity limitations which meant a lot of visitors either missed out on a ride or were required to stand in line for long periods, something that we have not been comfortable with for quite some time.

The good news is that the construction of the new miniature steam-train is now well underway.  Experienced engineers are at work in both Queensland and nearby Wagga building the new loco which is yet to be named.  Before commissioning the new train, we would have had to have additional works undertaken to accommodate the new engine.  These are the works we are now bringing forward with the assistance of specialised amusement ride engineers.

The recent incident has been a difficult period but one which we are now committed to using to create an even better experience for future and returning guests and our very loyal and supportive 12-month passholders.  We regret any inconvenience caused by the current absence of Mighty Mike and look forward to resuming this very popular ride as soon as possible.

Make sure you keep checking back in for any updates about our miniature steam-train operation.