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Canberra Day Success

13 Mar 2019 Read More

Canberra Day was a great day of celebration at Cockington Green Gardens.  The weather was perfect and bought Canberrans out in their droves. ..


27 Feb 2019 Read More

Canberra Day on Monday, 11th March presents local visitors to Cockington Green Gardens with a great opportunity to not only help themselves but importantly to make a difference to the lives of others. ..

Celebrating 40 Years

18 Feb 2019 Read More

Over the coming months, we will be providing details of events and activities associated with this significant occasion which culminates on 3rd November 2019, exactly 40 years after the attraction opened. 

We are currently compiling a series of stories to help our visitors and many loyal passholders to understand in more detail, the journey over 40 years. Our website is currently undergoing some changes which will highlight some of the forthcoming events and activities. Until the website changes are complete which will highlight the 40th year activities, you can click on the following link to catch up with the first couple of stories on the history of Cockington Green Gardens. 

Seaside Cottage

25 Jan 2019 Read More

Playground Upgrade continues ..

Where there's Rain, there's a healthy Smoke Bush

11 Jan 2019 Read More

There might well be fire where there’s smoke. Equally, where there’s rain, there’s a healthy smoke bush. That’s certainly what we have discovered with the botanically named ‘Cotinus coggygria’. The recent summer rains have really given our smoke bush a sizeable growth spurt lately. It is guesstimated to have had around 2m of growth recently and the spectacular bush/tree will no doubt be putting on a brilliant display this autumn as its annual colour change takes place. The current deep purple leaves will give way to brilliant orange, peach and scarlet hues. Our display smoke bush (Plant No. 187) is around 20 years old and given its manageable size makes a great addition to any garden. The smoke bush is native to large parts of southern Europe, Asia and the Himalayas to Northern China.

Duckling Rescue

01 Jan 2019 Read More

Cockington Green has long been a sanctuary for lots of friendly wildlife. Some of that wildlife was recently grateful for the presence of our gardeners who rescued a mother duck and her eight ducklings. ..