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Duckling Rescue

01 Jan 2019 Read More

Cockington Green has long been a sanctuary for lots of friendly wildlife. Some of that wildlife was recently grateful for the presence of our gardeners who rescued a mother duck and her eight ducklings. ..

The Drum on Ayden - Welcome to the Team

18 Dec 2018 Read More

Many years ago, Cockington Green Gardens had on its grounds staff the drummer from one of Australia’s best-known and successful bands. Who knows, maybe a second one is on the way. ..

How It All Began

14 Dec 2018 Read More

It was 10 o’clock on Saturday morning November 3, 1979. For the Sarah family of Canberra, this was no ordinary Saturday morning – it was life changing. The extent of that change was unknown. It was as unknown as the extent of success or otherwise of the new venture they were just about to embark upon. ..

Santa Visits for Night Openings

03 Dec 2018 Read More

From washout to wow. What a difference a year makes! The annual Gold Creek Village Christmas Festival was held on Friday November 30 and Saturday December 1st. Cockington Green Gardens, and our neighbours at the National Dinosaur Museum, held night openings on both of these beautiful evenings. In the process Cockington Green used the night to raise much needed funds for the Children’s Medical Research Foundation. ..

Boundary Trees

02 Nov 2018 Read More

It’s time for a change. Our beautiful conifer boundary trees which have served us well over the years will slowly be removed over the next year. They will be replaced with a selection of specimen trees, new fencing and new gardens beds. The conifers, like most aging trees, had a few health issues that needed to be addressed prompting us to take on this exciting and large project. Buoyed by the arrival of new heavy-duty equipment to help maintain the attraction, our outdoor team are excited by the challenges of the project and enthusiastic about the new look it will give to our display. The team had a taste of the enormity of this exercise recently as the first of the trees fronting the cul-de-sac at the end of Gold Creek Road have just been removed as can be seen in the picture above.

Welcome Bangladesh

26 Oct 2018 Read More

Well it’s official, we would like to welcome the country of Bangladesh to the Cockington Green Gardens international community. Work is already underway on what will be the 34th exhibit in the international area. The fabulous National Parliament building (pictured above) located in Dhaka has been selected to represent Bangladesh in our international display. Just like the original, the display will be set within a water feature area of the display. The building will take our model makers approximately one year to construct. It is proposed that the exhibit will be used for promotional purposes before taking up its final position within the international area.  ..