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Floriade 2018

28 Sep 2018 Read More

Cockington Green Gardens is at its spectacular best for this 2018 Floriade period. Our tulips are now jumping to life and really starting to show their magical Spring colours. The annual display is vibrant and teeming with flowers making the gardens a visual treat for the thousands of visitors currently passing through the attraction. The weather is getting to its Springtime best - the days are getting longer; the light is brilliant, and our display is only getting better and better. Come and experience the gardens and display for yourself, let us know what you think.

Our New Willie Lotts Cottage

21 Sep 2018 Read More

The new Willie Lotts cottage (previewed in an earlier story) has been placed into our display and is looking great. Our gardeners have landscaped the area surrounding the new building which finishes the transformation of this new cottage. The pond in front of the house has also been cleaned and repaired, another big job for the outside team. The entire renovation of this area is now complete, and ready for this Floriade period. ..

English Area Waterways

14 Sep 2018 Read More

Big repairs have been happening to our waterways over the last few weeks. These water ways have been in place for over 40 years now. They are made from fibreglass and it is quite a lengthy process to empty them, allow them to dry totally (which was difficult at this time of the year) and then start the repair process. They should be flowing again for Floriade. ..

Rose Cottage

07 Sep 2018 Read More

Our creative team have been hard at work building for our younger patrons a new cubby house. It has taken approximately 50 hours to construct and is in keeping with our English area. It looks great painted in our Suffolk pink, which is the colour you will find on our miniature Cockington Village display and 2 of our Lavenham houses. Look at the inside of this wonderful house! We can’t wait to see the younger ones playing inside. You can find this wonderful cubby house which we are naming "Rose's Cottage", up in our playground area, it will be a very popular addition we are sure. Enjoy. ..

Experience Oz - Top 10 Things to do in Canberra

03 Sep 2018 Read More

One of the more unique and charming attractions that Canberra has to offer, Cockington Green Gardens is a lovingly-crafted, miniature recreation of what started as only an English village yet which has expanded to feature an entire international themed area. ..

Hobbit Tree

17 Aug 2018 Read More

A new technique for Cockington Green Gardens is being trialled on our Jacqueline Hillier Elm this year. This Bonsai style is called “Hollow Trunk” (Uro style) sometimes known as Hobbit Trees. The hollowed-out area is called a Sabamiki. This is the first “Bonsai” technique that Cockington Green has used in the display. We expect this process to take several years of careful pruning and tending before we can see the final results. This week the exposed wood that was created after the carving out process was done has been treated with a solution of lime sulphur and India ink. The lime sulphur is a preservative and prevents wood rot. The ink tints the lime sulphur turning it from a chalky white to a dark grey when it dry’s. This is a unique way to add to a garden when the right tree becomes available and provided you have the patience and willingness to take on a new but rewarding project.  ..