Cockington Green Gardens

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What's On

Willie Lotts Cottage

29 Jun 2018 Read More

This cottage has been totally re-constructed, due to the wear and tear of being in our display for 39 years. The original building was made by Doug Sarah, a calendar photo was used as a guide to replicate the building, we have recreated several buildings in this way. ..

Intercity 125 High Speed Train

22 Jun 2018 Read More

For many years this 5” gauge model of the Inter-city 125 high speed train was the only train at Cockington Green. Manufactured by Doug Sarah & Bill Rose from plans supplied by British Rail, it has been in continuous operation since 1979. We estimate it travels approximately 3500 kilometres per year, and is powered through the aluminium rails by two 12V motors. Our train is made out of fibreglass and is very similar to the XPT that runs in NSW. ..

Garden Cafe Area

15 Jun 2018 Read More

The Garden Cafe area refurbishment is progressing well, the grass is looking great and our patrons are now walking within this lovely space. The garden bed has been replanted recently with a selection of a few of our spring annuals, such as Bellis Bellissima, Viola Sorbet XP, Calendula Bon Bon and Poppy Wonderland Mix. We are anticipating a spectacular and colourful display as this bed comes into full bloom during Canberra’s wonderful Springtime. ..

Lynton & Lynmouth – Cliff Railway

08 Jun 2018 Read More

Sam is currently working on making some new carriages for our Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway display. The aim is to construct 3 or 4 new carriages, they will be a lighter version of the old ones, this will make it a lot easier on the motor used in this interactive display. The old carriages are made of brass which means they are heavy and take more time to repair as they need to be stripped back properly in order to be able to re solder a break. Fibreglass will allow a lot faster turnaround time for repairs and which means more time for our patrons to play with this interesting display. Sam is anticipating approximately 60 hrs will go into making each carriage. ..

Fairy Garden Renovation

08 Jun 2018 Read More

Our fairy garden has recently had a makeover and is looking great! ..

Braemar Castle

30 May 2018 Read More

The model currently being worked on in our workshop is Braemar Castle. ..