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Gardening Tips for Roses

10 Aug 2018 Read More


CryoGenic Geccko

03 Aug 2018 Read More

Our resident model-making team are showing their sense of humour once again. They have been “hard at work” creating our own miniature Cockington Green Gardens fab-four rock band. These wild and wonderful characters are called the “CryoGenic Gecko”. Who knows, they might even get a gig before kick-off at the next championship game at the Cockington Green Gardens football stadium. This creative display can be seen in the workshop window, come and have a look for your selves and tell us what you think.

Braemar Star Defence System

27 Jul 2018 Read More

The original Braemar Castle was built in 1628 by John Erskine, the 18th Earl of Mar. Its main purpose was to defend the Mar estates from the neighbouring Farquharson clan of Inverey. Braemar Castle is a site to behold with all its battlement towers and turrets protected with a star-shaped curtain wall. In bringing as much authenticity as possible to the display, our model makers have now finished duplicating the star-shaped curtain wall and placed it around our miniature version of this spectacular castle. It took approximately 250 hours to construct these walls. It looks amazing and now completes our replication of the original structure.

Winter Gardening Tips

14 Jul 2018 Read More

Winter is a great time in the garden to get those jobs done around the shed that need doing to prepare for the coming spring. Tool maintenance is always a great place to start. Check handles for splinters and cracks. A rub over with some sandpaper and a coat of timber oil will help with splinters. Cracked or broken handles can be replaced with new ones from the hardware store. A wire brush is a great way to clean spades, shovels and other digging tools of the rust and soil build up, a quick rub over with engine oil will help with rust prevention and preserve those expensive tools. Pruners and loppers can be cleaned and sharpened in preparation for those late winter pruning jobs. Winter is also a great time to have mowers or any power equipment serviced don’t wait until you really need them before having them serviced or repaired. Mower shops are not as busy in the winter and as the grass is not growing a couple of weeks in the shop won’t be an issue. Take the time to do a stock take of your garden chemicals and fertilizes. Purchase new ones if required, also do a bit of research on the chemicals you have, some may be out of date or even banned from use now. With a good tidy up in the shed and serviced tools you will be ready for the wonderful spring ahead.

Can you find these figures?

06 Jul 2018 Read More

A fun free exercise for the whole family! ..

Willie Lotts Cottage

29 Jun 2018 Read More

This cottage has been totally re-constructed, due to the wear and tear of being in our display for 39 years. The original building was made by Doug Sarah, a calendar photo was used as a guide to replicate the building, we have recreated several buildings in this way. ..